Thursday, March 24, 2011

From the mailbag and the twitter feed...

We are willing to publish promotional messages for and from any creator promoting work published in 2010. This should not be seen as an endorsement :

From our inbox and the twitter search feed, in no particular order:

We’d love for you to consider nominating the CBGB Comic Book series by BOOM! Studios – four books that all sold out by established and new writers and artists. But don’t take our word for it, here's what those in the know said:

- “It's a comic that's definitely worth owning, and one that you can be certain is still going to be as relevant and enjoyable a decade from now as it is today... 5 Stars” – Comic Book Resources

- “Rock historians and comics fans alike are well-served... A-” – The Onion A.V. Club

- “Buy the book. You'll read it and enjoy it... Rating: 9/10” – Pop Matters

- "...a brave experiment... BOOM! has a winner on their hands here..." – Major Spoiler

- “... part history lesson, part homage and all nostalgic admiration... a comic like this is for anyone” – Pop Culture Network

- "If you are a fan of punk... or just a fan of really good comics, go pick up... CBGB from your friendly, neighborhood comic book store. Now. Rating: 5 / 5 Stars" – Fandomania

Thanks for considering our effort and for keeping the CBGB spirit alive for a new generation.

Robert Steven Williams and Louise Staley


I'd like to nominate my book, He-Guy and the Guys of the Universe, for best coloring. As that is the only part of the book I did not do, I feel comfortable nominating the colorist, Tracy Bailey. I have some example pages up at, and can send a link to the full pdf if need be.

Thank you,
Scott Zirkel


Go vote for ICECUBES the comic strip, nominated for the Harvey Awards! :) #harveyawards #comicstrip #icecubes --> Mar 25 02:46:01 via web

So the Harvey Awards deadline is the 28th. I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest for best online comic (contd)Thu Mar 24 21:54:08 via web

Some @ValerieDOrazio work for #Marvel are eligible for Harvey Awards this year [Love her talk about her mindset here]: Mar 24 22:22:58 via web

@KillShakespeare deserves to win hands down at the #HarveyAwards!Thu Mar 24 05:58:21 via web

Wow, ICECUBES was just nominated for the Harvey Awards! --> Mar 23 22:56:32 via Tweet Button

Comic creators, please don't forget to nominate your favorites (Popgun 4, perhaps?) for the 2011 #HarveyAwards by 3/28! Mar 24 00:50:17 via web

@DaveWachter Gah! You went and changed handles on me! Everyone vote for for the #harveyawards.Wed Mar 23 20:09:09 via TweetDeck

Filling out #harveyawards reminded me of 2 reprint projects deserve more attention: The Collected Lynd Ward and Dick Briefer's Frankenstein.Wed Mar 23 18:49:13 via TweetDeck

OK @christiansager 's drawn "first blood", so pls consider nominating Oyster War for #harveyawards Best Online Comic. oysterwar.tumblr.comWed Mar 23 18:27:03 via TweetDeck

#harveyawards. KS deserves to win!! I met these guys at T.O. Comic Con...Talented visionaries at their craft, really nice, kinda cute too!Tue Mar 22 20:59:23 via web

@KillShakespeare has writing that combines the best of the Bard with a modern sensebility. It should be nominated for the #harveyawardsTue Mar 22 19:58:51 via web

#harveyawards @KillShakespeare combines art, love, death, literature, metaphysics all in delicious comic book bites. They deserve a Harvey.Tue Mar 22 19:45:42 via Echofon

Hey all, give us a boost and use twitter and the #harveyawards hash to say why you think Kill Shakespeare deserves... Mar 22 19:27:21 via Facebook

Time to nominate for the #harveyawards (due 3/28)! Please consider my webcomic CURLS and the Carnival Anthology. http://harveyawards.orgTue Mar 22 13:51:42 via web

Nominate your favorite comics or graphic novels from 2010 in the #HarveyAwards! Nominations due 3/28! Mar 22 03:30:09 via HootSuite

Johnny Wander Volume 1 #harveyawardsTue Mar 22 03:12:54 via web

I wouldn't be opposed to you nominating FIST STICK KNIFE GUN for recognition in the Harvey Awards: Mar 22 03:23:40 via web

Also, how neat would it be if THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER got nominated for Harvey Awards? Go vote! Mar 21 22:22:59 via web

I have an editing credit in Popgun 3. Does that mean I can vote in the Harvey Awards? #theemperorhasnopantsMon Mar 21 16:42:05 via web

Keep those tweets coming!!

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