Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Harvey 2012 Nomination Ballots Available Now!

  Harvey 2012 Nominaton Ballots are now available.  You can find text and pdf ballots available at  Check that site out for downloads, history, and answers to frequently answered questions!

  Thanks to Mark Wheatley for his design of the ballot.

  If you are a comic book creative professional, please vote and tell us what was best about 2011!  All works published in the calendar year 2011 are eligible to be nominated.  All comic book creative professionals are welcome to invite.  if you write, draw, edit, color, ink, or are otherwise involved in the design of comic books and graphic novels, you are invited and encouraged to vote!

  All questions about the ballot and the Harvey process can be sent to and we will do our best to answer.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Harvey Nomination Ballots Coming Soon!

  Hi everybody!  We have received a few inquiries here at the Harvey Awards, and we appreciate the questions and your interest.  Look for more news soon as we answer questions and provide ballots for the 2012 awards!
  In the meantime, here are some answers to some frequent questions we have received about the awards!
  • How does a piece of work get nominated?
    • Voters must nominate the work using the Harvey Awards nomination ballot, which will be available soon!  The top 5 nominated pieces of work (and ties) will be nominated in each category.
  • Do I need to send samples or copies of the work?
    • No.  There is no submission process.
  • Who can vote?
    • Any comic creator - those who write, draw, ink, letter. color, desgn, edit, or are otherwise involved in a creative capacity in the comics field.  Voters must include a  list of credits on the ballot they submit.  We encourage all professional creators to vote! 
  • How do I promote a potential nominee?  
    • Works are recognized when creators know about them. Creators and their advocates use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, message boards, and any other viral way that you can promote your or others' work! 
  • When are the Harvey Awards? 
    • The Harvey Awards will be announced and distributed on the night of September 8th, 2012 as a part of the 2012 Baltimore Comic-Con
  If you have questions, please send them on to and we will do our best to answer them here and at our site