Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For your consideration

From our comments section, we have some messages from potential nominees. We are willing to publish promotional messages for any creator. This is not an endorsement :


Since my Twitter feed is private, allow me to humbly suggest for BEST BIOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, OR JOURNALISTIC PRESENTATION the essay collection GRAVEN IMAGES: RELIGION IN COMIC BOOKS AND GRAPHIC NOVELS. Not only does it feature a cover by Carla Speed McNeil, but it also includes thoughtful, readable essays by a range of scholars as well as creators like Douglas Rushkoff, G. Willow Wilson, Saurav Mohapatra, and myself. Best yet, you can peruse a preview free online: . Thanks for considering us on your ballots!


Thanks for putting this together -- the CBGB Comic Book by Boom! Studios really rocked -- it was different, ground breaking, authentic, and it kicked butt because it put together an awesome collection of writers and artists. - Robert Steven Williams


Thanks for your continued interest! 5 days 6 days till ballots due!

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  1. Please consider UNCLE SILAS: GENETIS for Best Graphic Novel for Younger Readers. I also wrote, drew and coloured the whole thing, so any other categories it's eligible for you can submit it to as well :)